The Longest Flight Home

from by Until Your Heart Stops



Track 5 from "Errors". Released on Creator-Destructor Records, March 1st 2011. You can find the vinyl release of "Errors" at or you can buy it in digital format at our Bandcamp.


Is it that hard to admit you’re wrong?
You paint a pretty, pretty messy picture
Trying to build some clout
But I am on to you, I see right through
The verdict is in, the jury is hung
You’re a stone throw away from the chopping block
Was it worth it and was it what you want?
All for twisted smiles and bitter thoughts
You left me thinking nothing could ever happen
But your vanity is what sets you apart
“It’s no one’s fault it never happened.”
It’s with your faults I’ll break you apart
It’s hard
You have more excuses than a city has rats
The lies that just roll off your back
Silence is your only defense, your only comeback
Put on my best suit
While I whistle a sharp tune
Death and I are digging deeper and deeper a hole just for you
What’s the point of having eyes if you can’t see what you did to me?
When you left me on a plane on this runway
Are you happy that you got your way?
I’m left with my thoughts, like a clock stuck in my head
That goes tick…tick…tick…
Your faults run deeper than your eyes can see
You are so predictable
Just like an earthquake you destroy anything and everything
You are so unpredictable
Just like a hurricane you are far and few between.


from Errors, released March 1, 2011
Murtaza Sajjad - Vocals
Jack Brown - Guitar
Tony Torres - Bass
Mike Stearns - Guitar
Matt Hall - Drums



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