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"Errors" was released on Creator-Destructor Records, March 1st 2011. You can find the vinyl release of "Errors" at or you can buy all of "Errors" 9 tracks in digital format at our Bandcamp.


released March 1, 2011




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Until Your Heart Stops Oakland

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Track Name: Unhealthy Situations
I caught you, you’re chasing my shadow
Walking through streets that you don’t even really know
You left without even saying goodbye
I always understood why but right now
I don’t care; I need you in my life
My puppet on strings please answer me
Please don’t ignore me
You make me feel so happy.

I am pathetic
I gave into your letters
It won’t make you mine forever
I should have tried harder.
Track Name: Errors
These are my errors
These past mistakes which I refuse to live again
I wrote this letter
From the darkest corners in my head
On the palm of my hand
So I could never forget
That I ruin my vocal chords while I listen to the band sing the chords of regret
Overcast, a lost sign of hope
Dylan bring your weather man
Because today the wind won’t blow
I’ve let too much go
Always feeling like I don’t fit in
Suffering from a walking death
To afraid to let anybody in
I’m trying to escape
So sick to my stomach, dwelling on the past
I’m driving fast down a dark path
They’re hoping I’ll forget
You need to know
I lost direction when my heart lost reason
I speak before I think
Words which leave me empty and alone
They tell me what you’re feeling
Will slowly drive you mad
I checked out a long- time-ago
And so this letter goes…
Track Name: Zodiac Signs
Hey there numbness
How I’ve missed you so
Another day, another night
You will hide me from being alone
It’s three in the morning and I have lost all self control
Because you have no idea what it is like to be alone
Believe me I know
This dream has become a nightmare
You know that something isn’t right here
And I can’t wait until your life goes to hell
For all the heartache and all those sleepless nights
Where I felt alone under these glaring lights
When I took your word for every lie you told
A thief in the night you’re a heartless soul
Holding on, you’re throwing your life away
Letting go, you’re setting it free.
Track Name: A Cult Classic
The world has given up on me, just as I have given up on you
You’re just like the rest, nothing special and nothing new
I hate thinking about you
I’m honestly not the poetic type I just have a lot to say
If it aches and it breaks, and it loves and it hates
Lesson learned time wasted with you
All the shit you put me through
This seems harder for me than it did for you
It’s because I left my heart wide open
Open to abuse
You say you’ve got scars
Well I’ve got some too
The only difference is, mine are from you
Well I just hate the way you say my name
I hate that I take all the blame
She’ll fill the void you never did
When I gave you all I could give
This is the end result.
Track Name: The Longest Flight Home
Is it that hard to admit you’re wrong?
You paint a pretty, pretty messy picture
Trying to build some clout
But I am on to you, I see right through
The verdict is in, the jury is hung
You’re a stone throw away from the chopping block
Was it worth it and was it what you want?
All for twisted smiles and bitter thoughts
You left me thinking nothing could ever happen
But your vanity is what sets you apart
“It’s no one’s fault it never happened.”
It’s with your faults I’ll break you apart
It’s hard
You have more excuses than a city has rats
The lies that just roll off your back
Silence is your only defense, your only comeback
Put on my best suit
While I whistle a sharp tune
Death and I are digging deeper and deeper a hole just for you
What’s the point of having eyes if you can’t see what you did to me?
When you left me on a plane on this runway
Are you happy that you got your way?
I’m left with my thoughts, like a clock stuck in my head
That goes tick…tick…tick…
Your faults run deeper than your eyes can see
You are so predictable
Just like an earthquake you destroy anything and everything
You are so unpredictable
Just like a hurricane you are far and few between.
Track Name: Caffeinated Blues
Caffeinated Blues
Walking in a daze
Circling around the room
I’ve been pacing
My body is aching
Sweat is dripping
And my blood is racing
Let’s talk about the elephant in this room
Caffeinated Blues
If you don’t mind me
I’m going straight to the moon to find some solitude
It might upset my room
Don’t look up to me
Until you realize
We are nothing alike.
Track Name: Regressed
All I wanted was some reassurance
Just a notion I wasn’t floating through a whirlwind of emotions
It reads all over your face and…
Your body language is off today
Giving up never looked so beautiful
Nervous wreck you have that effect
Heavy breathing, you melt my composure
I can’t keep it together
You’re under my skin and I’m letting you in
Then you strike the source
Baby I’m the ground and it’s starting to shake
I’m a piano ready to break
Hurry quickly
Let’s jump this ship
You’re cutting chords and pulling strings
Now the piano keys are a bit too sharp
They’re cutting straight to my heart
Once out of tune it can’t ever sound the same
They don’t make medicine for a broken heart
I’m over the past, it’s obvious to tell
By now it feels like second nature
Trying too hard to let this show
You smile, you already know.
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Way west of the Mississippi
Where fog takes a hold and miners dig for gold
Is an empty promise this city holds
So stop the press, I’ve been lied to
Your headline reads… ”Breaking News”
Love will always forget about you
It’s left me dreaming that one day you will need me
But my heart sunk towards the bottom of the bay
Now we can dance instead of race
To the dying pulse of what eroded away
Look in a mirror I see a friendly face
I tell myself that I am okay
You can’t see inside but it feels like I’m dying
I’m too poor even for a miracle
Please stop this downward spiral
Instead I rely on bad luck and sad songs to get me through these days
I will be the one you see, always perfecting being lonely
I asked you to help me
But you sold love to me
Like stars too far to see
It was never meant to be
Now I’m stuck trying to comprehend
I’m stuck in this tunnel, another dead end
I gambled with this game and it seemed like I won
But nothing is ever won when you’re fooled by love
When forever is finally through
I’ll be over, over you.
Track Name: Fish Ranch Road (The Wanderer)
I’ve got nothing to lose…

It’s over foggy ocean haze that I can finally see
How I can’t see anything
I fold my arms and drop my head to my knees
Then I scream and I scream
I’ve been a wreck these past few years
It’s wearing me down; it’s breaking me down
It’s killing me
I feel it weighing down so heavily
The view takes my mind off my depression and anxiety
Take this burden away, oh please hurry
I pray to god to help mend this void
When it comes to saving, unfortunately he forgot me
Not loved, no one cares
I would be lying to say the words never crossed me
You can’t understand me
“Leave him alone”, just “Leave him home.”
Wish you could have been there to comfort me
Family disconnected emotionally
I’m trying to be what my father never taught me
As the sun sets west
My heart drops further down my chest
It’s so exhausting
My past is haunting and I’ve never had the chance to fight back
Son you’re swinging for the fences
They counted you out before you even began
When the sun rises east
I wonder if there are others like me
Although I’ve never complained
There is only so much my body can take
But when I’m sitting out here
The wind makes my hair stand on end and I lose all fear
When I get closer, it seems farther
Sitting up here the view is no longer clear
I wouldn’t take a single word back
I envy other people’s courage
Scared I’ll never live up to my own expectations
Scared people won’t like me for who I am
I lack self-esteem
I hide behind my own words
I’m going through the motions without any emotions
I just wish I had someone to love
Then they would be forced to let me open up
It’s a funny to think that love has this power
I let true love slip away but I won’t let it again
I’ve been trying everything to find my stability for the last five years
Maybe I’ve had it wrong this whole time inside my head
Now I stare out through darkness, through moving lights
It’s time to realize, love is an act of bravado
Through it all only one thing has kept me in tact
The beating never stops; it never lets me give up
I can feel it on the tip of my ears
It starts to pound faster, to beat of the drums
As light creeps over my head
The sun finally comes back up
I ask myself how I will get though the day
I’m asking for a second chance
A chance to pick myself up
All I have ever needed is myself and a beating heart
Nothing else
But the beating of my heart
I’ve failed me.