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Limited-time stream from the new full-length "Errors" released on Creator-Destructor Records, March 1st 2011. You can find the vinyl release of "Errors" at and mp3 format on Itunes and


All I wanted was some reassurance
Just a notion I wasn’t floating through a whirlwind of emotions
It reads all over your face and…
Your body language is off today
Giving up never looked so beautiful
Nervous wreck you have that effect
Heavy breathing, you melt my composure
I can’t keep it together
You’re under my skin and I’m letting you in
Then you strike the source
Baby I’m the ground and it’s starting to shake
I’m a piano ready to break
Hurry quickly
Let’s jump this ship
You’re cutting chords and pulling strings
Now the piano keys are a bit too sharp
They’re cutting straight to my heart
Once out of tune it can’t ever sound the same
They don’t make medicine for a broken heart
I’m over the past, it’s obvious to tell
By now it feels like second nature
Trying too hard to let this show
You smile, you already know.


from Errors, released March 1, 2011
Murtaza Sajjad - Vocals
Jack Brown - Guitar
Tony Torres - Bass
Mike Stearns - Guitar
Matt Hall - Drums

"Regressed" Additional Vocals: Jack Brown



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